This page contains an archive of all my scientific talks and posters, future and past, that includes a digital version of the corresponding files. Entries are sorted by year, starting in 2017.


  • BSkG models versus experiment.
    Contribution to the MANASLU workshop.
    Mons (BE), 4 December 2023 (Download slides).

  • New generation of Skyrme mass models on a mesh.
    Invited contribution to ESNT workshop, “New generation of Skyrme mass models on a mesh”
    Saclay (FR), 22 November 2023 (Download slides).

  • Dense matter in the cosmos: nuclei, pasta and explosions.
    Invited talk at the LUMI-BE User day
    Brussels (BE), 6 November 2023 (Download slides).

  • Microscopic models of nuclear structure: from dripline to dripline.
    Contribution to the MANASLU workshop.
    Leuven (BE), 5 June 2023 (Download slides).

  • Microscopic models of nuclear structure at scale.
    Invited contribution to ARIS 2023.
    Avignon (FR), 5 June 2023 (Download slides).

  • Nuclear Astrophysics: from the microscopic description of nuclei to the macroscopic explosion of stars.
    Contribution to the the 12th CÉCI Users meeting.
    Mons (BE), 21 April 2023 (Download slides).

  • Microscopic models of nuclear structure for applications.
    Invited contribution to the annual meeting of ISOL-FRANCE.
    Bordeaux (FR), 20 March 2023 (Download slides).


  • Nuclear density functional theory: shapes and radii.
    Online lecture in the context of the LISA network training for early career reseachers.
    Online, 7 November 2022 (Download slides).

  • Wood-Saxon subtleties and some Skyrme results from Brussels.
    Invited contribution to “Nuclear Physics confronts relativistic collisions of isobars”.
    Heidelberg (DE), 12 October 2022 (Download slides).

  • Exploring the BSkG mass models.
    Contribution to the MANASLU kick-off meeting.
    Mons (BE), 8 June 2022 (Download slides).

  • Nuclear mass models for astrophysics.
    Invited contribution to INPC 2022.
    Cape Town (SA), 31 May 2022 (Download slides).

  • The Skyrme EDF: the view from Brussels.
    Invited contribution to “Nuclear Physics confronts relativistic collissions of isobars”.
    Heidelberg (DE), 31 May 2022 (Download slides).

  • Nuclear level densities from 3D Brussels Skyrme Models.
    Contribution to the 8th Workshop on Level Density and Gamma strength.
    Oslo (NO), 2 May 2022 (Download slides).

  • Symmetry breaking on the scale of the nuclear chart.
    Contribution to the UK Nuclear Physics Conference.
    Surrey (UK), 22 April 2022 (Download slides).


  • The latest Brussels models.
    Contribution to the (remote) EVEREST workshop
    Leuven (BE), 16 December 2021 (Download slides).

  • Symmetry breaking on the scale of the nuclear chart.
    Invited seminar at the IHPC.
    Strasbourg (FR), 2 December 2021 (Download slides).

  • Symmetry breaking on the scale of the nuclear chart.
    Contribution to the Colloque Ganil 2021.
    Autrans-en-Méaudre (FR), 29 September 2021 (Download slides).

  • Nuclear structure with MOCCa at ULB.
    Seminar at the IAA.
    Brussels (BE), 21 January 2021 (Download slides).


  • Charge radii around A = 180 with GSk1 and GSk2.
    Contribution to the (remote) EVEREST workshop.
    Leuven (BE), 18 November 2020 (Download slides).

  • Automating the implementation of novel EDFs beyond NLO in gradients.
    The codes Hephaestos & Tantalus
    Invited (remote) seminar for the SphN Saclay theory group.
    Saclay (FR), 10 June 2020 (Download slides).


  • Level densities in heavy nuclei.
    Invited contribution to “Microscopic approaches to Nuclear Structure and Reactions” workshop.
    Livermore, California (USA), 11 December 2019 (Download slides).

  • Level densities from mean-field approaches.
    Invited contribution to the “Future of Theory in Fission” workshop.
    York (UK), 15 October 2019 (Download slides).

  • Thermodynamically consistent calculations of nuclear level densities based on mean field models.
    Contribution to the Gordon Research Seminar on Nuclear Chemistry.
    New London, New Hampshire (USA), 16 June 2019 (Download slides).

  • A thermodynamic approach to level densities in the framework of Skyrme energy density functionals.
    Contribution to the 7th Workshop on Nuclear Level Density & Gamma Strength.
    Oslo (NO), 28 May 2019 (Download slides).


  • Broken symmetries in nuclear mean field approaches with Skyrme functionals.
    Seminar at the PNTPM group
    Brussels (BE), 29 August 2018 (Download slides).

  • Symmetries and their impact on angular momentum in EDF approaches.
    Seminar at the IPNL
    Lyon (FR), 16 May 2018 (Download slides).

  • (Beyond) mean-field calculations of (super)heavy nuclei.
    Contribution to the EVEREST kick-off meeting.
    Leuven (BE), 23 April 2018 (Download slides).

  • Towards symmetry-unrestricted Skyrme-HFB: MOCCa and its applications.
    Invited seminar for the IPNO Theory group.
    Orsay (FR), 14 February 2018 (Download slides).


  • Towards symmetry unrestricted Skyrme-HFB: Rotation of exotic shapes.
    Contribution to the SSNET ‘17 conference.
    Gif-sur-Yvette (FR), 6 November 2017 (Download slides).

  • Rotational bands in the Thorium isotopes.
    Poster at the Mazurian Lakes ‘17 workshop.
    Mazurian Lakes (PL), 4 September 2017 (Download poster).

  • Impact of methods and symmetries of quasiparticle excitations in mean-field theory.
    Invited contribution to the “Prospects on the description of odd-mass nuclei” workshop.
    Trento (IT), 22 May 2017 (Download slides).

  • On the way to symmetry-unrestricted HFB calculations in coordinate space.
    Contribution to the Third FIDIPRO-PICS mini-workshop.
    Jyväskylä (FI), 6 February 2017 (Download slides).