HF-SHELL is a FORTRAN code, suitable to solve the self-consistent mean-field equations for both nuclear ground states as well as at finite temperature for Configuration Interaction Shell Model Hamiltonians. It is particularly useful to study nuclear level densities, a key input to the theory of statistical reactions on the mean-field level.

The paper (including a manual) can be found here or on arXiv, while you can find the source code on Github.

To my knowledge, this code has so far been useful for:

  1. Numerically checking the limiting behaviour of finite-temperature HFB in the combined limits of zero temperature and zero pairing in this paper.

  2. Benchmarking more advanced level-density calculations in this paper.


EV8 is a FORTRAN code to solve the self-consistent HF+BCS equations on a three-dimensional coordinate mesh, for use with energy density functionals of the Skyrme type. This release is the second version of the original EV8 code.

The paper for the second version (including a manual) can be found here or on arXiv. The original paper can be found here. The original source code as published of both versions can be found here.

However, if you want to use the code, the authors strongly recommend to refer to the public github repository. In contrast to the static published versions, this repository allows us to incorporate fixes for small issues discovered by ourselves and others. We also offer an embarrasingly large list of corrections for errors in the published paper.