Here you can find the titles and slides of formal talks I’ve given from 2017 onwards. I maintain records for all talks going back to the start of my PhD (2012), so if you are interested in those, shoot me a mail!


  • Broken symmetries in nuclear mean field approaches with Skyrme functionals,
    PNTPM Seminar, Brussels, Belgium. Slides

  • Symmetries and their impact on angular momentum in EDF approaches,
    IPNL Seminar, Lyon, France. Slides

  • (Beyond) mean-field calculations of (super)heavy nuclei,
    EVEREST Project Kick-off meeting, Leuven, Belgium. Slides

  • Towards symmetry-unrestricted Skyrme-HFB: MOCCa and its applications.
    IPNO Theory group seminar, Orsay, France. Slides


  • Towards symmetry unrestricted Skyrme-HFB: Rotation of exotic shapes
    SSNET 2017, Gif-Sur-Yvette, France. Slides

  • Rotational bands in the Thorium isotopes (Poster)
    Mazurian Lakes, Poland. Slides

  • Impact of methods and symmetries of quasiparticle excitations in mean-field theory
    Prospects on the description of odd mass nuclei, Trento, Italy. Slides

  • On the way to symmetry-unrestricted HFB calculations in coordinate space. 3rd FIDIPRO-PICS mini-workshop, Jyväskylä, Finland. Slides